Our goal is to match you with the puppy that has the best temperament for your family. Even though German Shepherds, as a breed, share many characteristics, each puppy has their own unique temperament qualities.

An example from the last litter Gus sired are three of his nine offspring that had unique characteristics that made each of the three just the right dog for three very different families...

Vader was a very calm, low energy, laid back, aloof, HUGE, very intelligent puppy who just fill the bill for the family of a police officer and his wife who had two young children.
Vader's owner recently wrote this about him, "He is a nonabrasive dog toward other dogs and people. He is happy to meet everyone who comes around when we are with him but he is very reserved with others and cautious when we are not there with him. He is an excellent watch dog. He loves kids and children flock to him when we go to the park and on the walking trails. Kids have hung on him and pulled all over him when taking him to school and he doesn't care. Vader wants to be around his family but does not care to be pet all the time. He likes it for about a minute and that is enough for him. He just wants to be in the same room with us, but doesn't feel the need to receive constant attention from us"

Gabby was a puppy that had a very strong pack drive, was highly intelligent, extremely eager to please, and extremely sociable. When out in public, she never met a stranger. She approached strangers joyfully, eager for them to love on her. In the home, she was protective and intimidating until assured by her owners that the stranger was "okay", then she couldn't wait to snuggle them, too. She was a highly affectionate, extremely sociable dog. She was perfect for her current owner who likes her dog to be very expressively affectionate and likes to snuggle her dog. Gabby has proven quite adaptable, a natural born tracker, and a quick learner. Recently when her owner brought her along on a duck hunting expedition, she discovered that her dog was an excellent retriever(!)--jumping without hesitation into the frigid Alaskan waters, swimming out quite far, retrieving the ducks, and gently dropping them at her owner's feet! She had no prior training to prepare her for that (her owner is not a duck hunter--had just gone to hang out with a friend who was duck hunting), but she quickly comprehended what her owner was trying to get her to do and gladly did it!

RANSOM was a puppy that did not have a strong pack drive, but did have a strong prey drive. She ventured the furthest away from the others and weathered new experiences with calm, nonchalance. She was the most aggressive pup of the litter to both other dogs and people. She was less sociable than her littermates and viewed strangers with suspicion. She was slower to bond with people. Her lone wolf temperament was perfectly agreeable with the person who chose her. That person did not mind that Ransom tended to be independent and aloof and appreciated her strong tendency to be a "one person" dog.
Ransom has socialized well and is a well-mannered dog in public. She is affectionate with her family, but will never be the snuggle-bug her sister, Gabby is. However (unlike her sister Gabby) neither will she obey anyone except her owner or eat treats from anyone other than her owner. The family that chose her has three children, including a special needs child who is very rough at times, without realizing he is being rough. Ransom is very gentle with all the children, particularly the one who can be accidentally rough in his handling. She tolerates strangers and friends without any shyness, but remains very aloof with those outside of the family, no matter how familiar she is with them. She has grown to be very affectionate to her family, but expresses her affection more subtly than her litter-mate, Gabby. Ransom is more apt to choose to lay down on the far side of the room--close enough to keep a watchful eye on everyone but not touchy-feeley close--as opposed to Gabby who constantly gravitates to the side of her owners and yearns to curl up around their feet the moment they sit down on their couch. Ransom's "one-person" temperament was of greater importance to her owner than having a dog that was very demonstratively affectionate. She has proved to be a highly intelligent dog that is quick to anticipate and do what her owner wants her to do.

Independent, aloof Ransom was the perfect dog for the person she went to. Just as sweetly compliant, confident, affectionate Gabby was the perfect dog for the person she went to (while Ransom would have been perfectly wrong for that person). And, calm, gentle, giant Vader was the perfect dog for the family he went to. Three pups from the same litter with very different personalities.

We socialize our puppies extensively from a very early age. By the time they are ready to leave the litter, we KNOW what their individual dispositions are and we make that information available so you can choose a puppy that that has the temperament qualities that are the best fit for you and your family. Our belief is that choosing a puppy by its looks alone, is often a recipe for regret.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ransom's father, Gus...